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Monday, August 02, 2010

The Reiki Roundup

Sayville, NY, USA: Reiki masters led a Full Moon labrynth walk at The Common Ground, a park created in memory of those lost during the 9/11 attacks. Read more about the calming effects of labrynth walking and when the next one will be later this month.

Pembroke, MA, USA: Reiki and a new home bring much needed relief to an injured and traumatized former showhorse named Mardi Gras.

Salem, Oregon, USA: Closet exorcisms and animal Reiki? It's all good! Debbie Mercy Jean's business caters to both people and pets, and her Reiki business that includes pets joins the growing numbers of similar businesses popping up all over the United States.

Milwaukee, WI, USA: Although the original interview with Sister Madeline Gianforte took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (See The Reiki Digest's coverage of this story here), PBS will be airing the piece again starting August 6th, during their pledge drive, so the location can be right on your own TV if you are in viewing distance. In case you missed it the first time around, you can read the interview and comments that followed here.

Dublin, Ireland: Reporter Amanda Phelan tries a Reiki treatment and shares her results with readers. (I hadn't heard about the 'energy bubble' technique before but I'd be interested to learn more...)

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada: Poet, artist, writer and filmmaker Sister Eileen Curteis talks about her experiences with Reiki, Christ Consciousness and her life for the past seventeen years at the healing ministry at Queenswood in Victoria.


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