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Friday, August 20, 2010

Animal Reiki Friday: Sydney, the foster dog who found her will to live

By Ming Chee-Brown

Sydney, neglected, overweight and ill, barely moved and had lost her will to live.

Sydney rolling in the grass the day after her first Reiki treatment

Sydney flourishing with the help of Reiki treatments

My Reiki partner Candy and I were asked to send Reiki to a Golden Retriever foster dog. Her foster mom, Jeanette said that Sydney had been dropped off at the shelter with some existing problems that only grew worse. She was overweight, had two infected front legs with elbows oozing pus (the vet suspected this was from a lifetime of lying on cement.), a torn ACL in one rear leg, kennel cough and a coat so matted that it hindered her ability to move. Worse yet, Sydney had lost her will to live. She never wagged her tail, let alone raise her head.

During our first session with Sydney, she sighed heavily with exaughstion. Who knows where her journey had taken her? We sent healing to her hips, and reassured her with love and healing energy.

That night after the session, Jeanette heard the clicking of nails, and was shocked to see Sydney come into the room. The next day, Jeanette found Sydney in the yard, rolling on the grass with her legs in the air, usually a sign of great happiness in dogs.

After our second Reiki session, Sydney started to go up and down the stairs like she owned the place! Jeanette wrote, " She followed me up 13 stairs! In the beginning I couldn’t even get that girl to stand let alone do the stairs!"

The next morning, after Jeanette let Sydney out in the morning, she went back to bed where Sydney joined her. Jeanette reported wakingup feeling a sense of peace that she'd never felt before. She wondered if perhaps she was feeling the energy Sydney had received from me and Candy. She wrote, "Whatever it was, I can’t wait to do it again. She sleeps with me from now on!"

So far we've done three sessions with Sydney, who has come down to 108 pounds and is thriving. During each session, we sent mental and physical healings. We were so thrilled to recieve not only these before and after photos from Jeanette, but also an hour long video of how Sydney is flourishing. We are so filled with gratitude for having the opportunity to work with this sweet girl!

Ming Chee-Brown is an animal Reiki practitioner who along with business partner Candy Boroditsky founded Los Angeles based Reiki Fur Babies in 2008.

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Anonymous Jeannette said...

Ming and Candy, I smile every time I think about the transformation you helped effect for Sydney!! Even I had given up on that dog it seemed so hopeless.

Even though I was there to witness it every step of the way, I am still amazed at the difference each time she worked with you. What a blessing for her, for me as her foster mom, and certainly for her adoptive mom where Sydney is enjoying her happily ever after.

You guys rock!! :)

12:12 PM  

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