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Friday, December 17, 2010

Animal Reiki Friday: The polls are still open!

Since we instituted our Animal Reiki Friday feature earlier this year, we asked readers to respond to three polls. We published the results for each after one month, but the polls are still open. If you didn't get a chance to vote and want to respond to 

November's poll, which asks: Which came first, the animal or the Reiki? 

October's poll on receiving special training for treating animals, or

September's poll about where Animal Reiki practitioners' clients come from

just click the links and make your selection. We'll be posting the results after the new year.

The Reiki Digest wants your animal Reiki stories!  For a copy of our writers guidelines, click here. Send your submissions to, and be sure to include the words "animal Reiki" in the subject line.


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