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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


For this issue, we honor two who have passed, on either side of the Atlantic.


Betty Meyler was famous as the president of the UFO Society of Ireland. If you read down through the article, you'll see her generosity of heart, including her practice of Reiki. "Her enthusiasm for helping others was her most endearing quality." You can almost see the twinkle in her eye.


My good and dear friend, Madelyn Mortimer, died last June after 86 years on this earth. She was a celebrity in every way, famous in the nursing home where I visited her, constantly on the phone, playing Bingo, cheering on visiting musicians, and eating well with her one good hand. Though confined to her wheelchair, she took a keen and active interest in everyone around her. She and I went places: money Bingo in the city, eating out around town, visiting her friends, and in good weather going for walks down Main Street.

Maddy earns this spot in celebrity Reiki because she had the true heart of fame in her. By her loving interest in other people, she raised herself up, and brought us all on stage with her. She often enjoyed receiving Reiki, and was an early supporter for
EldersBloom, talking it up to everyone, and coming faithfully to our monthly hands-on gatherings at the nursing home.

The last time I saw Maddy awake, resting on her pillows, her eyes lit up and her smile grew wide, as she saw my granddaughter for the first, and last, time.

Bless you, Maddy, and peace be with you.


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