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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Reiki shares: more than just a place to share Reiki

By Colin Powell

So, you have been attuned to Reiki.
You practice self-Reiki daily (don’t you?).
Do you get to practice Reiki regularly on friends, family or the general public?
Do you get the chance to regularly receive Reiki through another person?
Do you get the chance to chat about Reiki to your Reiki Teacher or meet other Reiki people?

Not everybody wants to practice Reiki on the general public and many are quite happy practicing on themselves and/or friends and family but how many of us get the chance to receive some Reiki from another person? Yes, Reiki is wonderful: you can give Reiki to yourself and, indeed, that was the original way of things but it is even more wonderful to receive Reiki through another person and it can be sheer bliss to receive Reiki through more than one person simultaneously!

Some of my Reiki share group
Photo by Colin Powell

Many people lose contact with their Reiki Teacher for one reason or another and can begin to feel isolated if they do not know any other people who are attuned to Reiki. They have no one to ask questions of or discuss their experiences with. This is where Reiki shares are invaluable.

What is a Reiki share?

No matter what the frequency, length or location of the meetings, Reiki shares usually have one thing in common: a group of people interested in Reiki who are willing to give and receive Reiki with others in a safe environment.

Reiki shares developed in the West as Reiki became more widespread (since the 1970s) but in Japan they have always had regular training meetings (Kenkyu Kai), where students meet with their teachers to meditate, recite the Reiki Precepts, learn new techniques, receive Reiju (the forerunner of Reiki attunements) and continue their spiritual development.

Some Reiki shares are only open to the students of a particular teacher but others, including mine, are open to anyone attuned to Reiki or just interested in learning more about Reiki.

What happens at a Reiki share?

Most Reiki shares follow a similar format: a “meet and greet” phase, with general chat/introductions as people arrive, maybe with some refreshments. Although there is usually a group of people who attend most shares, there are often many “new faces” who may become regular attendees or disappear after one or two visits – so don’t be afraid to turn up at Reiki share on your own for the first time: you may not be the only “new face” there. Of course, you can always take a partner or friend with you for moral support!

When the share proper begins there may be an opportunity for people to share their experiences or news about Reiki. This may be followed by a guided group meditation. At this point, in my shares, I guide the group through Hatsurei ho, a Japanese Reiki practice that is designed to energetically purify the body outside and within and strengthens the connection with Reiki energy. During Hatsurei we recite the Reiki Precepts three times and everyone receives Reiju, which enables even those who are not yet attuned to Reiki to channel Reiki energy in the sessions which follow. A distant healing element may also be added to the meditation to allow everyone to put forward, or just think about, people or situations they are aware of that would benefit from Reiki.

Following the meditation, there is the opportunity for more refreshment and discussion, before we split into small groups around couches and/or chairs and take it in turns to receive Reiki from as many pairs of hands as are available! If you are receiving Reiki from 4 practitioners for 15 minutes, this is thought to be equivalent to at least 1 hour of Reiki from one practitioner – it certainly feels like it!

When everyone has taken their turn, we may finish with a Reiki Mawashi or Reiki Circle, where everyone joins hands and lets the energy flow around. Then, more chat and refreshments followed by Reiki hugs all round as people begin to make their way home, relaxed and ready to face a new day!

Where can I find a Reiki share?

A good source of finding Reiki shares is Reiki people! Try contacting local Reiki Teachers or practitioners to see if they are aware of any local Reiki shares or maybe even run one themselves. Use a search engine on the internet to search for the words “Reiki share” plus your town or general locality (there is also a list of UK Reiki shares on my website – see below) or have a look in your local health food or “new age” shop. Many areas also have a local magazine dedicated to new age, alternative or complementary therapy events where you can find lists of Reiki shares or Reiki practitioners.

If you can’t find a local Reiki share, why not start one of your own? You don’t have to be a Reiki teacher to run a Reiki share – you just need enthusiasm, some common sense and the support of other people who are interested in Reiki. Reiki shares don’t have to be large, formal affairs either – an occasional meeting in someone’s house to share Reiki with two or three people can be a wonderful experience, socially as well as spiritually.

Some Reiki shares are free of charge but a small donation may be requested to cover costs, especially if they are held in a hired venue.

So, Reiki shares can be great places to experience Reiki for the first time, meet other Reiki people, share experiences, learn new techniques and develop your enjoyment of Reiki as well as “just” a place to share Reiki!

Colin Powell, a Reiki Teacher in the United Kingdom, has been practicing and teaching Reiki for over 12 years and also has a passionate interest in the history and development of Usui Reiki Ryoho.


Blogger Healing Art Forms said...

Oh my goodness - love Reiki shares! They are so important for your energy healing process. I think so many people get started and then they really don't know where to go from there. Reiki shares are so important for us to learn, stay connected, and keep the energy high and vibrant. Great post! I have been reading so many of your other posts my eyes are starting to hurt. Have to activate my own healing to keep on reading!

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Mamta Nanda said...

After running a Reiki share for mainly my own students for about 5 years now, I am just starting a Reiki share open to all Reiki students in London, UK. So read you article with huge interest Colin. Thank you for sharing. I have benefitted from attending Reiki shares hugely over the years. So would like to provide this opportunity to other Reiki students as well as I know from personal experience how beneficial they can be for deepening our practice and for facilitating our life and moving forward on this path.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Colin Powell said...

Thank you so much for your comments!

7:35 PM  

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