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Friday, May 27, 2011

Animal Reiki Friday: Your Reiki room and a new poll

Rexie at home where he received Reiki treatments that relieved symptoms from an unspecified neurological problem

Last summer we ran a contest to see who had the best Reiki room, the place where you practice Reiki or meditate. We got a lot of great submissions and the feature was so popular we decided to continue it indefinitely. But we didn't get any submissions from the animal Reiki practitioners out there! Today, we're calling on you to submit a photo of your Reiki room and to answer a new poll about where you treat your animal clients. To submit your photos, please send them in an email to reikiroom @


Blogger Em said...

Love the photo (natch)...I don't have a designated space for this per se since it's not my speciality and the times I've treated animals it's always been in their setting with their people present or distance. Can't wait to see what people send in-very curious--great idea...

7:20 AM  

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