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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A matter of space: why we Reiki stuff

By Jean Bromage

When I began studying Reiki, I had recently taken up candle making as a hobby and was looking to turn it into a business. My teacher encouraged me to infuse the candles with Reiki and include this information on the labels and in the marketing materials. Immediately my inner skeptic assumed people would think I’m crazy and not buy them. While I enjoyed including Reiki in the candle making process and understood why we Reiki inanimate objects, I didn’t have enough faith in the non-Reiki population and assumed they wouldn’t understand. Well, after a year went by, I decided to fess up to the “secret ingredient” and added Reiki to my labeling. Ever since, the conversations initiated by this are quite interesting and sometimes amusing. I hear stories about Reiki trainings from all over the world, a person’s first experience with receiving Reiki, or how someone combines Reiki with another healing modality, religious belief or art form. For those who have never heard of Reiki, they often times become intrigued and want to learn more. The few skeptics that pass by my table at the market mostly smile and say “Well, it certainly couldn’t hurt . . .”

Through these experiences, I have come to a deeper understanding of why we Reiki “stuff”. We have the clearing technique for when we bring home used items (Jacki-Kiri Joka-Ho). We Reiki bank deposits and other financial records for greater prosperity. We Reiki our food for both purification and expressing gratitude for the universe providing what we need. We Reiki gifts, letters and even the phone before we call someone, setting the intention for clear and compassionate communication. Some may describe this practice as superstitious. However, from a scientific standpoint, there is real evidence that the thoughts and energetic presence we hold regarding the things around us, do indeed make a difference. In her book, Countdown to Coherence, Hazel Courtney interviews Dr. Gary Schwartz, author of The Energy Healing Experiments, about this idea. Dr. Schwartz describes how everything has a “feedback loop” which stores memory. This loop allows for an energetic exchange to take place when you are near or holding an object. He states that “Everything is vibrating, every atom is extending energy and information into space and every atom is receiving energy and information.” In another interview conducted by Courtney, William Tiller, PhD, who also appears in the DVD What the Bleep Do We Know!?, discusses how “. . . the visible matter we see around us . . . makes up around four per cent of the energy and matter content of the physical universe.” He goes on to say that “. . . ninety-six per cent of our universe is invisible matter and energy hidden within the physical vacuum of space. And this is where the magnetic information wave level functions. If a person learns how to connect, or ‘couple’, with this vacuum level of physical reality, which we can access in the spaces between our thoughts through spiritual practices such as meditation, then what many people think of as miracles could become child’s play.” That is a whole lot of space to be filled with thoughts, intentions and consciousness and Reiki is a wonderful tool for actively infusing our surroundings, the world and beyond with positive energy and healing light.

For me, channeling Reiki into my candles, or anything else for that matter, is not just about adding positive energy and intentions. It is also about living the Reiki precepts in my daily interactions and seeing this mirrored in my environment. Reflecting on the Reiki precepts throughout one’s daily work and play evolves into a metaphoric spiritual dance with a rhythm unique to each individual. In turn, this process emanates a sense of artistic beauty, wisdom and joy to the rest of the world. When making candles, I call in the Reiki and clear the work space, grounding myself in the present, or what I like to call the “just for today frame of mind”. While chanting the mantras, any negative emotions or worries are released, opening up space in my personal energy field to enjoy the creative process and experience gratitude. By the time I am mixing the candle ingredients and calling in the symbols along with any colors that seem appropriate, this spiritual connection created through using the Reiki tools then translates into the end product and eventually to the people who will enjoy it.

Every activity in which we participate is an opportunity to hold a healing presence and reflect a positive light with our surroundings. Whether the activity involves sentient or non-sentient beings, Reiki practitioners have the added benefit of the Reiki tool box with which to co-create a world of joy, compassion and harmony. Whether it is at work or home, in nature or the city, every situation offers endless possibilities for infusing this great space contained within the material world with the presence of Reiki, and inspiring that creative process we call life.


Anonymous Elaine Grundy said...

Wonderful reminder Jean, thank you so much! Elaine

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Ellen said...

I love this. My whole house is infused with Reiki on a near-daily basis, as is my car, computer, etc. :-)

9:42 AM  
Blogger Nicholas, said...

Beautiful reminder of all the ways we can use Reiki to help us sustain a more compassionate space as we move through our day-to-day and interact with the world. From your words, I remember that "Reiki" is a mind-set, a philosophy for living, a personal truth, a path-way for viewing and experiencing reality with intention...and I see so many more ways to bring this light into my day-to-day. Thanks, Jean!

1:12 PM  

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