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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Book Review: advance praise for Touching the World Through Reiki

By Beth Lowell, Senior Editor

Touching the World Through Reiki is an inspirational book written by Seattle based Reiki Master Eileen Dey, founder of the Reiki Training Program (RTP), a healing arts vocational school licensed by the state of Washington, and its outreach program, The Reiki Fellowship. Eileen’s work with healing the Duwamish River, a superfund site, was featured here in The Reiki Digest just a few weeks ago.

In her book, Dey shares the story of her own transformative journey with Reiki and the five tools she has developed based on years of both Reiki and counseling experience to help Reiki practitioners on their own individual paths.

Exercises and case stories are interspersed throughout, and the five tools address different aspects of the Reiki experience from navigating the spiritual path to helping practitioners find their career niche in the Reiki world.

Along with her tools, Dey includes practical information about how practitioners can touch the world through Reiki in a wide and sometimes unexpected variety of ways like taking Reiki on the road, using it with war veterans, in the creative arts and the environment, as well as through Reiki circles. A section containing guided meditations finishes off the book.

Intended for both Reiki practitioners and those who may be interested in practicing Reiki, Dey’s book is a testimonial to the personal and professional breakthroughs that can manifest in our lives through dedicated practice.

You can find this book, which will be released later this month, on this page of Eileen's website.


Blogger Kerstin G. Brooks said...

What a great review. Looking forward to the release. Best Wishes.

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