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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Carnival of Reiki #2

Laydeez annnd gennntlemennn! Step right up for the second edition of the Carnival of Reiki, hosted monthly by The Reiki Digest! The Carnival of Reiki is one of a growing number of blog carnivals, collections of blog posts on a given topic. In our case, the topic is Reiki. Since most of the posts submitted were off-topic and/or spam, we decided to take a look around the blogosphere ourselves for Reiki-related posts.

Our top pick: novelist Lynn Price asks, and answers, the question, "Why Reiki?" on her blog, Is it Friday yet? Price follows with an update on her doctor friends' reactions to Reiki, titled "We Need Scientific Proof!"

For the birds: Greenwoman writes about poultry Reiki.

Hold your horses: Grey Horse Matters, "The blog for the aging equestrian," features a post on Reiki for horses.

Our next Carnival of Reiki will be March 27. Deadline for submissions is March 25. Click here to submit your post.


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