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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yeee-ha! It's Reiki Roundup time!

This week's Reiki Roundup begins with a polite round of applause for Massage Therapy Journal's article on Reiki in its Spring 2008 edition, for making it clear that Reiki is not massage. Massage therapists can learn Reiki and incorporate it in their work, however, and this article focuses on that. While some of the facts are a bit off -- "Both Reiki and massage have long histories" (massage has been around for centuries, Reiki since the early 1920s) -- it's still an improvement over much of what we've seen, and we like the emphasis on how massage therapists can use Reiki for self-care to prevent and treat their own occupational injuries.

Reiki made The New York Times again this week in an article on a kinder, gentler approach to treating patients at several suburban New York City hospitals as well as a travel article about Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

In Mississippi, the Hattiesburg American introduces a new word in its article about Reiki, describing the practitioner as a "Reikier." I guess that's OK, as long as we don't start claiming to be "Reikier than thou," so to speak. If you check out the article, be sure to scroll down to the extensive discussion in the comments area below it.

In Helena, Montana, an item headlined "Reiki for People and their Pets" in the Independent Record seems to be chiming in on our discussion about points of consensus.

And in Chatham, Massachusetts, the Cape Cod Chronicle reports on new regulations for massage therapists that fortunately do not apply to Reiki practitioners because Reiki is not massage.


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