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Thursday, April 10, 2008

What is Reiki? One practitioner's quest for an answer

Reiki Master Scott K. contributes his thoughts to our ongoing conversation:

This may seem a little naive since I’ve only been at for little more than a year, but here it is.

The responses you received so far have been actually directed at answering three questions:

1. What is Reiki?
2. What is the system (practice) of Reiki?
3. What are the benefits that practitioners and clients receive from the
practice of Reiki?

Save the first question for last.

What is the system of Reiki? This will depend on lineage and hopefully it can be agreed upon by people within the same lineage.

What are the benefits that practitioners and clients receive from the practice of Reiki? This question has been thoughtfully answered and agreement can be made across lineages.

I think the most interesting question, and most difficult to answer is “What is Reiki?” or “What is spiritual energy?” Can we really give a definitive answer to this? Key words seem to “spiritual”, “light”, “energy” and “love”. Or are our limits of consciousness’ and language forcing us to use these familiar concepts and words. For me, the concept of what Reiki is has continually evolved since starting my Reiki Journey a little over a year ago. All I can say is “For today only” I think Reiki is ………... But to tell you the truth I don’t think I have a clue as to what the reality of Reiki really is. For that matter is there only one reality? Oh, yes oneness, one reality??....?? For me, this search for “What is Reiki” is one of the many aspects about the practice of Reiki that keeps me in it. I don’t expect to really know the answer any time soon but will keep looking. I know there is something to it from my personal experience with the system of Reiki, but what is Reiki?

Thanks, Scott.

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