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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pretty precepts

In response to our discussion about the Reiki Precepts, Reiki Master Scott K. has contributed this lovely illustrated version of the precepts, which he uses as the background image on his computer. Scott writes:
"Besides morning and night I am reminded of the precepts whenever I look at the background of my computer. If you would like you can offer it as a download in The Reiki Digest for free. It would make me happy if others would be able to benefit from it."

Scott includes these simple directions for Windows users who do not know how to change their background.

Download and save to a location you know like “My Pictures”
Right click on the desktop background
Choose Properties (XP) or Personalize (Vista)
Choose Desktop (XP) or Background (Vista)
In the “Position” pull down menu make sure stretch is selected
Select Browse – go to where you saved the picture
Select the picture “Reiki_Precepts_illustrated_by_Scott_K.jpg”
(or whatever name you saved it as)
Press OK
You're done.
Thank you, Scott!

Some readers may recall that Scott was the winner of last year's "What Does Reiki Look Like?" contest. The winning image is available as a magnet here, and other versions of his winning image are available on T-shirts, mugs, and even a wall clock at his CafePress online shop, ReikiIsOne. (He didn't mention that when he sent the precepts photo, but we thought it might be of interest.) There are more than 2,000 Reiki-related products available at CafePress, many of which feature some version of the precepts.


Anonymous Carrie Ann said...

To Scott Kravis:

How about making the Reiki is One spiral as a print? As a mandala to contemplate, it would be great! Thanks

6:19 PM  

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