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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Your mileage may vary

As the price of petroleum products continues to soar worldwide, attention is turning once again to fuel efficiency: smaller cars, smarter cars, or even alternatives to cars. Here in the USA -- the only country on earth that still hasn't converted to the metric system -- we generally refer to fuel efficiency as "gas mileage," and we have a saying that applies to much more than fuel: "your mileage may vary," or simply "YMMV."

Last week we briefly mentioned a post on using Reiki to improve fuel efficiency from the Reiki Help Blog by Pamir in Hollywood, Florida. The next day, we happened to see a NewsHour television report on how Americans are changing their habits in response to high oil prices, in which interviewee Stephen Reich of the University of South Florida gave us this food for thought: "Aggressive driving alone can reduce your fuel efficiency by one-third." Now there's a way Reiki can help even more with fuel efficiency! Aggressive drivers tend to be angry, and possibly worried that they won't get where they're going on time. Hmmm. Anger. Worry. Once again, the Reiki Precepts come to mind. If we follow them, and let go of anger and worry as we show compassion to ourselves and others, remembering to be humble and honest, we are much less likely to drive aggressively. So following the precepts can not only keep us calmer and healthier, it can save us money on fuel!

Since I don't own a car myself, I'd like to ask our readers to give the precepts a try while driving and see if it pays off at the pump. If you try it, let us know if your mileage really does vary as a result.


Anonymous Pamir said...

Thanks for keeping this topical Janet. I didn't drive until I started living in Florida where development is horizontal rather than vertical. I do really enjoy seeing the consumer truck or SUV that should only be allowed in the military, end up right next to me at a red light, after aggressively riding my bumper, then overtaking me with engine sounds that make angels cringe!

Hey I'm going to pick up my kid too!

It would be worth pondering & starting a campaign to get Reiki in the boardroom. Ultimately it's going to be decisions based in wisdom & not just scientific intelligence & innovation, that are going to be effective.

Take corn ethanol for instance. After heavily investing in it, the verdict is that it consumes as much or more energy to make it as it saves & contributes to food shortages. Brazil is near oil independent because they went with sugar ethanol. See this investigative video, it's worth it.

I wrote about Reiki & worry recently, touching on the precepts more from a healing angle, but I agree with you. Practical application is one of Reiki's best features and benefits.

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi ,,, i would like to know more about reiki and where can i find it in kuwait ?

7:47 AM  

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