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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Reiki Roundup

What's a Lohas? It's an industry that includes us, even though there was nary a mention of Reiki in this New York Times article, headlined "It's Not Easy Picking a Path to Enlightenment," about the famed Kripalu Center in western Massachusetts. Times writer Andy Newman defines the "Lohas industry" as "lifestyles of health and sustainability."

From Massachusetts, we move on to Fox Lake, Illinois, where we find Marlene Brown, a 70-year-old yoga teacher who's also a Reiki teacher, and has cut back on her yoga classes to accommodate the demand for Reiki training.

And our final stop this week: Burton-upon-Trent, U.K., where Reiki practitioner Tina Smith tells a reporter about her recent experience in Bosnia-Hercegovina helping victims of the former Yugoslavia's civil wars in the 1990s.


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