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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Return of The Carnival of Healing

We're happy to announce that The Reiki Digest will once again be hosting the Carnival of Healing, this time on Saturday, August 16. What's that? It's a blog carnival, a collection of blog posts on a specific topic that travels through cyberspace, setting up its virtual tent on a different site each week. This will be the third time we've hosted the Carnival of Healing, which is coordinated by's Holistic Healing guide Phylameana Iila Desy (a Reiki practitioner herself). The Carnival of Healing just celebrated its 3rd anniversary, which means it's almost a year older than The Reiki Digest. This is the official "content call" requesting submissions on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self-empowerment. To submit, DON'T email me, use the Carnival of Healing submit form.

Why should you submit an article? Because you will be repaid in the currency of cyberspace: a link to your blog. A Carnival of Healing link is particularly valuable because it comes via, which is owned by The New York Times company. A link from will bump you up higher on search results, which will make your site easier to find. And if your post provokes a lot of discussion, you'll be repaid in another valuable cyber-currency: comments. Those links and comments will get you more traffic, i.e., attention. The Carnival of Healing is how I discovered holistic business coach Jenn Givler, who was kind enough to let us use one of her articles a couple of weeks ago, as well as author and Recovering Doormat Daylle Deanna Schwartz and many others whose blogs I check frequently. So do some shameless self-promotion, join the Carnival and let yourself be discovered!


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