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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The weekly waka, waka, waka, and waka

We received a wonderful surprise from one of our readers this week: a collection of four summertime waka. They make such a nice group that we're publishing them all at once. We realize it's wintertime for some of our readers, but maybe these glimpses of summer will warm your heart at least. Thank you, Diane Hunt!

And if you'd like to submit a waka, send it to

Summertime waka

Two towering great
white, lighter than air anvils,
like Titans collide
Small household gods on the shelves
silently shake with rapture

Without so much as
a surreptitious soft sneeze
the cottonwood trees
produce in vast abundance
soft and feathery June snow

Sleek and arrow like
the shape shifting cats stretch out
in summertime's heat
trying to take advantage
of the faintest bit of breeze

Evening thrush's song
grace notes of purest beauty
lift the soul to peace
that passes understanding
and fills us all with blessing

(by Diane Hunt)


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