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Friday, February 13, 2009

More eye-opening comments

We're happy to report that this week we continued to get some great comments from our readers, and as usual we're pulling them out as separate posts on the web site and in our email edition so that they don't get overlooked.

And we thank all of you who have joined in the discussion here -- that's what puts the "community" in this publication for the global Reiki community.

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On the subject of whether we should practice Reiki with our eyes open or closed, Scott Schumacher had this to say:

I have always done a combination of both eyes open and eyes closed. Recently, I've become very interested in the realm of quantum physics. And from this, I've learned that there is a lot to be said for the influence of "the observer."

Our brain is capable of processing some 40,000 bits of information per second, but we can only observe 3,000. There have also been experiments about electrons "acting up" when placing an observation device in their path. The very act of "observing" can change the result of the experiment.

So, a few times ago, I decided to give Reiki to my partner, to close my eyes, and to try as much as I could to "take out the observer" from my awareness.

When I brought back my "observer" with my eyes still closed, I felt the energy shift in ways I've never felt before. It seemed like electrical waves were traveling atop my skin - bouncing along to meet my partner. I felt the energy not only in my hands, but in my fingers and toes, and in my very energy field.

Then I realized I was "observing" and decided to stop that again, and be completely detached. It was as if my hands disappeared from my awareness, and new possibilities crept in that I don't even think I can describe with words.

My partner on the table told me that the energy felt very strong, but different this time. He felt more of a pulsing energy, and said that throughout the session, he felt as if four or five hands were constantly touching him.

Thanks, Scott. And Robert Fueston wrote:

The technique for sending Reiki out from the eyes is called Gyoshi-ho. Usui states in his Usui Reiki Hikkei - The Usui Reiki Handbook -that Reiki especially emanates from eyes, mouth and hands. I use Gyoshi-ho to treat one part of the body while my hands are simultaneously treating another part. This speeds up the treatment time and is quite effective.


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