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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Celeb-Reiki Report

Congratulations to Celeb-Reiki couple Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife, Reiki Master Lisa Oz, on the success of the doctor's five years of appearances on the Oprah show, and the new Oprah-backed Dr. Oz scheduled to premiere in September. While Mrs. Oz isn't on TV as often as her famous husband, we know that one big reason he is so famous is the work she does behind the scenes, whether in books, on TV, on the radio, or otherwise educating the public to educate ourselves about our own health. We look forward to the new show and we hope, we hope, we hope that Reiki will get more than a mention on it.

Has American Idol judge Paula Abdul ever tried Reiki? We have no idea, but she makes The Celeb-Reiki Report because she's mentioned in the same sentence as Reiki in this news article about the time she did, or didn't, go through drug rehab: Reiki not rehab for Paula Abdul?

And our third Celeb-Reiki this week is Reiki master and singer/songwriter Jeannie Gagné, who'll be performing at a benefit in Massachusetts this weekend.


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