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Friday, July 30, 2010

Show us your Reiki room!

The Reiki Digest's senior editor Beth Lowell works with animals on a house call basis, but when she's home and meditating or doing self-treatment, she retreats to this quiet spot in her art studio.

Here in the northeast corner of the United States we’ve been experiencing a sweltering summer. While the heat has impacted our ability to spend as much time as we usually do outdoors, it’s also given us the opportunity for some extra quality Reiki and meditation time in the air conditioning.

What about you? We’re looking for pictures of your quiet space, whether you use it for Reiki meditation, self treatment, or treatment of others. It can be indoors or out, if you’ve been fortunate enough to have good weather where you are. And if yours is a part-time or shared space, we'd love to see that, too.

Please send your photo submissions to

We’ll post photos throughout August and as always enjoy reader comments. You can vote for your favorite Reiki room in September when we post our Reiki room poll.

Enjoy the rest of your August, and wherever you are in the world, we hope it’s a peaceful one!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reiki moves into emergency planning- support without fear

By Heather Alexander
Contributing Editor

Ana-Marie Jones

Is Reiki part of your emergency plan? It soon will be in Oakland, California. Reiki Master Teacher Ana-Marie Jones is launching a new disaster management program, which will include Reiki training. The idea is that Reiki can create the presence of mind to be able to deal with crisis situations like natural disasters, potentially helping others to stay safe. “We saw in Hurricane Katrina that there were a lot of people left on their own. If someone is stressed out and can't cope, Reiki can be a fabulous contribution,” says Ana-Marie, “It means you can do something, you can do hands on, you can also show people hara breathing but the best thing could be that you are the one that remains calm and confident.”

After many years working for the Red Cross and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Ana-Marie is now the Executive Director of CARD - Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters. CARD was set up to champion a “use no fear” approach to the preparedness movement. Where many emergency planning courses motivate people to prepare by scaring them about potential problems, CARD’s philosophy is to promote preparing as a way to make life better - they call it “prepare to prosper.”

After taking her Shinpiden (Master Teacher) training in Washington, D.C., earlier this year, Ana-Marie realized how closely CARD’s ideas fitted with the Reiki precept “do not fear” and so a plan to include Reiki training in their preparedness classes was born, “Most emergency management grossly violates the Reiki principles, especially “do not fear.” Our classes will be about instilling Reiki as one of the tools in your tool kit. Knowing where to get food or water is one thing; knowing how to invoke the Reiki principles is another - if you can stay centered and not stressed out you can end up the most helpful person on the scene.”

The people taking the classes will be from all walks of life. CARD currently trains everyone from local responders to those who will go off to major disasters like the earthquake in Haiti. Arthur Plitt has trained with Ana-Marie in the past and is also a Reiki practitioner and teacher. He works with the disabled community in Rhode Island helping to plan for hurricanes or floods, as well as for events like terrorist attacks. He says Reiki would be an invaluable tool, “Reiki creates mindfulness; it stops people getting too scared, too numb to do things. It gives preparedness within the mind.” He has previously been part of a more traditional preparedness training which in his view was much more aggressive and militaristic in style. He says with the Reiki approach comes a more “homey look” while still maintaining authority and support for people - support without fear.

Ana-Marie hopes to get the classes up and running as soon as possible. She says they are blessed to have a very progressive Department of Health where she works in Alameda County, “They want to work with what will work best in the community.” And Ana-Marie herself can testify to the benefits of Reiki in a crisis. She recently had to deal with potential riots after the trial of a local police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man. She says her practice was a great help, “Reiki has been such a fabulous addition to my response life, I’m feeling physically better even when working long hours and Reiki has allowed me to stay very calm.”

You can find out more about CARD at and email Ana-Marie directly at AMJ @

Heather Alexander is a former BBC reporter who's now a Reiki practitioner and teacher at Brooklyn Reiki.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The weekly waka

in the dust
a fluttering baby bird
-- and a cat
when I returned from my walk
only the cat remained

by Beth Lowell

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The weekly waka

and whistles -
what birds
are these who sing so sweetly
even through thunder and rain?

by Beth Lowell

To submit your waka, send it in an email to Please include the words "waka submission" in the subject line.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Celeb-Reiki Rose De Dan leads singing at Reiki river blessing ceremony

The Reiki Digest's July Guest Editor Rose De Dan made Celeb-Reiki news when she appeared on Seattle radio station KUOW, a NPR affiliate, leading a group of Reiki practitioners in song at a Reiki river blessing for the Duwamish River, a Superfund site, on July 10th.

As well as being a Reiki Master, Rose is also is a paq’o and mesa carrier in the Q'ero Peruvian Andean Medicine Tradition, and she was accompanied by fellow Reiki practitioner and mesa carrier Leslie Britt in leading the Pachamama song.

A series of six river blessings was organized by Reiki Master Eileen Dey, which will continue throughout the summer.

You can read Rose's post about it on her blog, and listen to the podcast here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tell us: Please share about your Reiki shares

Do you attend a great Reiki Share? Do you run one? What are things that were not so great in Reiki Shares that you've attended? How could you make a Reiki Share better?

We want to hear about it.

Add a comment to this post on our web site, or write us at cymber @ and tell us about your favorite Reiki Shares. We'll compile all the answers and share them with you in an upcoming issue of The Reiki Digest. Please write Reiki Share in the subject of your email.

Deadlline: July 30, 2010.

Special Contributor

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The weekly waka

summer days
they seep
between my fingers
like tiny grains of sky
by Beth Lowell

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Please welcome guest editor Rose De Dan

Dear readers,

This month's edition was put together entirely by guest editor Rose De Dan, an Animal Reiki practitioner and teacher, and founder of Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing. Author of Tails of a Healer: Animals, Reiki and Shamanism, and located in Seattle, Washington, Rose is dedicated to building bridges reconnecting people, animals, and the natural world through healing sessions, classes, workshops and mentoring, writing and art.

Rose De Dan

I “met” Rose on the blogosphere a few years ago and have been an admirer of her impressive storytelling ability ever since.

Rose has also agreed to stay with us during the next week or so for discussion on the issues she covers in this edition. Just add a comment to any of Rose’s articles on our web site, or you can email her here.

Thank you, Rose!

Animal Reiki teachers

Saqqara, Reiki Paws
photo by Rose De Dan©2008

By Rose De Dan

Guest Editor

As a teacher of Reiki I have spoken to many students over the years concerning offering Reiki energy for the highest healing good of the client, while letting go of attachment to outcome. And as a Reiki Master I have also learned a great deal from my students and clients—but my greatest teachers have been animals.

Several years before I became a Reiki practitioner, I adopted a black and white kitten that I eventually named Shaman because he seemed to be able to see and respond to spirits (something I could not do at the time, nor had any desire to, either).

Two years later I was asked to foster a five-day old grey and white tiger kitten that had been found under a tarp on someone’s porch, next to his dead sibling. He was cold to the touch and near death.

My vet literally revived him from the dead and asked me to raise him. Two days later the little guy underwent hernia surgery—and my vet gave him a 50/50 chance of survival.

After surviving all that he became my kitten, and I named him Saqqara after the oldest pyramids in Egypt. I felt that any cat who had survived that many challenges needed a long life name since he had probably used up more than a few of his nine lives before even being able to walk.

When I opened my Reiki healing practice in 1996, it became clear that Shaman was not like my other cats. He would jump up on the table and work with my human clients, focusing on certain areas, and guiding me in the sessions. Since I had been guided to attune all of my animals to Reiki, Shaman among them, he was clearly facilitating Reiki energy with intention. And eventually Saqqara joined Shaman on the table for the sessions.

Over the years we worked together, mostly as a trio, sometimes as a duo. When not working with clients both of them would assist and guide the students in my Reiki classes. They each had a very highly developed sense of energy and awareness of each client’s needs, and I listened and learned as much as I could from both of them.

As Shaman began to feel his age and illness took its toll, Saqqara gradually took over the bulk of the work. When Shaman eventually crossed into Spirit at almost 17, it became just the two of us.

Two years later, Saqqara was diagnosed with cancer. I was quite upset, but did my best to offer him whatever support I could, both personally as well as from other professionals.

He received acupuncture (which he loved), Chinese herbs, shamanic work, acupressure, and craniosacral. When I suggested we request the support of the Reiki community, which consisted of many of the students he had helped teach, I felt resistance. So I scheduled a session with fellow animal communicator and Reiki Master Polly Klein for validation of the message I was getting.

Saqqara said that he declined to ask the community because too many people had an agenda. His illness had taken a toll on his energy, he felt fragile and asked that he receive Reiki from only one person—me.

With some concern I realized that Saqqara had offered me a real challenge. When I stress to my students the importance of intention—always offering Reiki for the highest healing good of the client, and of the need to let go of attachment to outcome—I ask them to examine their feelings, and suggest that if they are too close emotionally then it is wise to ask for help from others. As the only Reiki practitioner working with Saqqara my skills and teaching were about to be put to the test.

As we made our way through veterinary tests, medicines, and the ups and downs of cancer, I kept my intention focused on what Saqqara needed whenever I sent Reiki to the situation, or to him. I offered Reiki to myself daily for physical and emotional support, and had healing sessions with other professionals to assist me in letting go of any need to hold on to Saqqara, last of my healer cats.

His illness progressed rapidly, and all too soon quality of life became an issue. The tumor near his left lung was causing breathing difficulties. Finally Saqqara clearly stated that he was ready to be assisted out of his body. He was adamant that he wanted to be at home—no more trips to the vet—so a home visit for euthanasia was scheduled for the following day.

At 7:00 p.m. the night before, his breathing suddenly became much worse. A vet friend was able to deliver a medication that helped, but the hours passed slowly. The nightmare cycle of labored breathing, injection, and some easing—took its toll on both of us.

While I watched Saqqara struggle to breathe, the whites of his eyes showing at times, I could feel my heart break just a little bit more each time. I feared that Saqqara would die as my father had from cancer—his lungs drowning as he struggled for one more breath.

During that long night I used all my knowledge as a healer to support Saqqara. From a Reiki standpoint I re-attuned him, built a Bridge of Light in case he should cross before the morning appointment, sent Reiki to the situation, and kept the energy flowing.

Despite his struggle he declined an emergency trip to a clinic so that he could be let out of his failing body sooner, but at 4:00 a.m. he had a bout so severe that I overrode his objections and called my neighbor for a ride—but Saqqara rallied once more and we cancelled the trip.

By the time the vet arrived mid-morning I had said everything I needed to say to Saqqara, and he to me. He was ready to go. With all the fighting he'd had to do to make it to morning, I expected the euthanasia to be a very peaceful and easy process.

We had opted for gradually easing him out of his body—the first injection would put him to sleep, and the second injection would release him. As I held space, he received the first injection. I felt a mixture of joy that he would no longer suffer, and sorrow in letting him go. As the drug took effect Saqqara seemed more comfortable, but he did not go to sleep.

After waiting, a second injection of the same drug was given; Saqqara got up and moved around a bit, and resettled himself. Again, we waited for the injection to take effect—and waited, and waited. Finally Saqqara drifted off. At this point the vet felt that Saqqara was finally in a deep sleep, but reading his energy I was not so sure.

The final injection was given, and against all odds, and to the vet’s amazement, Saqqara STOOD UP and took two steps forward. As he collapsed, I caught him in my arms and eased him down. Gradually, finally, mercifully, his breathing slowed and stopped.

As I watched Saqqara’s spirit leave his body I sensed peace, but knew that we would need to talk.

I arranged to speak with him again through Polly. Saqqara told me that he did not suffer during the injections but that he felt very drugged. I knew that something was not quite right, so I asked him why it took him so long to leave his body when it was what he had desired and needed.

His answer was very clear. He told me that while he felt drugged, he was also highly energized. He gently suggested that truly letting go of attachment to outcome also meant letting go of my need to have the Reiki ease his breathing. In future I needed to be less focused, and to simply allow the energy to flow.

And I realized that while I had let go of my need to keep him in his body, I had not let go of my need to control how he left it.

That realization led to a deeper one—while I had done quite a bit of self-healing around my father’s death, another layer of that loss had been brought to the surface—as Saqqara had known would happen when he offered me the opportunity and the challenge.

In dying, as in living, Reiki Master Saqqara gifted me with one more teaching.

(Editor's note: Not all Reiki practitioners are animal communicators, a common misconception.)

The Reiki Roundup

Seattle, WA, USA: A six-month series of ceremonies, organized by Reiki Master Eileen Dey, is bringing together community and practitioners of Reiki, shamanism, and sound healing to help heal the highly polluted waters of the urban Duwamish River, named a Superfund site in 2002.

Inglewood, CA, USA: A moving article by veterinarian Dr. Richard Palmquist details his conversion from skeptic and critic of integrative medicine to practitioner.

Bloomington, Indiana, USA: Reiki Master Christine McKenna interviewed on practice and benefits of Reiki.

Kashmir, India: British alternative healer offers Reiki to mental health patients.

Columbus Ohio, USA: In their May-June newsletter The Reiki Center announced a training for veterinarians in Animal Reiki through the continuing education program at The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. This is reportedly the first time in the nation that a course in holistic medicine will be presented at a college of veterinary medicine.

Concord, VA, USA: Reiki practitioner and veterinarian Dr. Lori Leonard believes in holistic approach to animal care.


As guest editor of The Reiki Digest for the first time, I was seriously concerned about finding a news item for Celeb-Reiki.

Then, while researching, I stumbled across breaking news - Dr. Mehmet Oz had been nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards: Outstanding Talk Show – Informative, and Outstanding Talk Show Host.

And what, might you ask, has this to do with Reiki? Well, as you may recall, on Jan. 9, as reported in The Reiki Digest, Dr. Oz named Reiki his #1 Alternative Medicine Secret for 2010, and well-known Reiki celeb Pamela Miles offered a demonstration for an audience member.

Reiki’s first major moment on primetime television electrified the Reiki world (we cheered), increased the interest of the general public, and upset some of the less progressive members of the medical community.

The scathing comments about Reiki and Dr. Oz were dragged out again for Dr. Oz’s Daytime Emmy nominations, one example flatly stating that Oprah’s favorite doctor promotes quackery.

So what happened at the Daytime Emmys? Well, Dr. Oz did not win for Outstanding Talk Show – Informative ("The Doctors" did), but a SoapDigest poll reported that their readers felt he should have, they voted him the winner.

However, the surprise victor for Outstanding Talk Show Host was Dr. Mehmet Oz for “The Dr. Oz Show,” winning gold over celeb nominees Rachael Ray – “Rachael Ray”; Bonnie Hunt – “The Bonnie Hunt Show”; Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa – “Live With Regis and Kelly”; Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters – “The View.”

Congratulations to Dr. Oz on his win, and for daring to stand up for alternative medicine and Reiki!

Music we love to practice Reiki by

Spirits of the Wild came out in 1996, the same year that I began my practice as a Reiki Master. It combines haunting Native American flute music and chanting with sounds of nature and animals - a perfect adjunct for any practice (such as mine) that focuses on building bridges between people and animals. I also play it when I conduct attunements for new Reiki students in order to include the animals. Click on the Spirits button to listen and find out more.

The weekly waka

the sickly kitten
and thrives, his legacy
reverberates through time

Who knows
by what grand design paths cross
and leave
lives changed and
the world a better place?

I rejoiced
when the rain came and
it mingled
with my tears that fell
both in gratitude and sorrow

By Beth Lowell

Three kittens
asleep in a cart;
"Please help us"
lettered on cardboard;
a sad, white-haired man.

By Bart Mallio

Sunday, July 04, 2010

July specials

21st-Century Shamanism: An online event with Sandra Ingerman

Shambhala Publications Inc.

Shambhala Publications Inc.

emWave solution for meditation, prayer and self help, Inc

Jenny Craig

Spiritual Cinema Circle

10% off all orders at DHC July 1 - Aug 31

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Carnival of Healing #227: Independence celebration!

Laydeez annd gennntlemenn, boys and girrls! Welcome to the 227th edition of the Carnival of Healing, a monthly round-up of personal blog posts on the topics of holistic health, wellness, spirituality, and self empowerment. It's been awhile since the Carnival was here, and we're happy to be hosting once again. This year, the Carnival has consolidated into a monthly rather than weekly event, which means each host has an even wider selection of posts to choose from for each edition. And based on our experience, it isn't only the quantity of submissions that has grown -- the quality of posts also seems to be improving. All that makes for lots of good reading -- a month's worth, at least.

This month our theme is independence, in keeping with the Independence Day holiday here in the USA. What's that got to do with healing, you may ask? Plenty: you need good health to be independent, and you need to be in balance not only physically, but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally as well. For all of us, healing is an ongoing process. And where does that process start? For Tabitha, it begins with a look in the mirror.

Looking in the mirror can also help us deal with difficult people, says Mark Harrison at Life Optimizer, because no matter how many people may frustrate us, the only person we can change is ourselves.

For many of us, it's our inner child who needs healing -- or maybe just releasing, says Dr. Mark in A Child at Heart.

And as Janet Erickson tells us, we don't have to look beyond ordinary everyday life to find spiritual healing through life lessons. Janet's reactions to some of her recent experiences demonstrate a healthy, well-grounded independence from worry.

Benjamin at Peaceful Prosperity gives us a handy guide to another way to stay healthy and balanced: self-hypnosis.

Another key to healthy independence is having the right tools, and Kaushik at Beyond Karma asks, "What's in your toolbox?"

Meditation can be an important tool to staying healthy and balanced, and The Conscious Life offers an introduction to mindfulness meditation.

And if you find meditation beneficial, you might want to try a meditation retreat. Axel G offers some tips on how to prepare for your first retreat.

Speaking of meditation, Huie Doan tells us how it can help us become independent of the blockages that impair our own energy flow.

And while we always prefer to focus on the positive, it's also important to know what not to do, says Charles at All About Living With Life.

Sometimes independence is a gift we can give to others, Kathleen Gage says, even in a brief but possibly life-changing conversation between a customer and a store clerk.

Healing isn't just for humans, of course, and our animal friends are dependent on us to give them the healthiest lives possible. But there are some pet health decisions that we aren't allowed to make independently, no matter the consequences for our pets, says Beth Lowell.

And we had to save this post, 34 Ways to Simplify Your Life, for last because if you follow its advice you'll turn off the computer and go outside. That's what we're about to do right now.

Last month's Carnival was hosted by Mind Mart, and next month the Carnival will set up at Rosanna C. Rogacion's Meandering Paths to Spirituality and Wellness. The Carnival of Healing is coordinated by Phylameana Iila Desy,'s guide to Holistic Healing. Many thanks to Phyl for keeping the show on the road, and thanks to all participants!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Reiki Self-Treatment Poll -- and a webinar

An invitation from The Reiki Digest's Editor at Large, Pamela Miles:

Please respond to this very short poll and share it widely. All practitioners from all lineages, at any level of practice are asked to vote.

Can we collectively bring in over 1000 votes? The more votes we get, the more meaningful the poll is.

Once you’ve voted, click here to comment why you do or don’t practice daily self-Reiki.

LATE BREAKING NEWS! Have you been waiting for online training to help you bring Reiki into hospitals and other health care settings? Wait no more.

The Introduction to Medical Reiki Webinar will give you skills and strategies to get you started in health care. Register by July 17 to attend the webinar and/or access the recording for a special low fee. Let’s get Reiki where it is needed, and raise the professionalism of our practice. Click here to learn more.