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Thursday, February 19, 2009

More comments on Reiki, oneness, etc.

Our discussion continues on the subject of Reiki, oneness, and related topics

This week we hear from Robert Fueston, a Reiki Master and acupuncturist in Lexington, Kentucky, whose curiosity led him seek out several of the master students of Hawayo Takata. 

"I just was thinking more about the discussion. . . And wouldn't you know I came across a quote from Virginia Samdahl, in the 1982, 1st edition, book The Reiki Handbook (page 12).

..."And my head wasn't ready for this...and I don't know if yours is. I kept asking, 'What happened to this idea that I'm just a channel? Because how can I be a channel when I'm not doing anything to be a channel?' So I did a lot of meditation. And it came to me that we are more than a channel...."[once the student receives the power transfers] "We are Reiki. We are universal life energy. We're more than just a conduit, a sewer that the stuff runs through. It's the God within us that does the powerful works. Not the ego I Am, but the God I Am; the Reiki, the universal life energy. And that's what we are made of. So without us the healing could not take place. So you're more than a channel. You're a channel, yes, but you are more than that."

Thanks, Robert. We appreciate your contribution to the discussion, and your extensive Reiki research.

Scotto-san emailed his comments, beginning with the lyrics to John Lennon's song "Imagine," -- we can't republish them here without violating copyright, however. He adds:

"On Takata:

It is my belief that Takata's main obstacle was her face when it comes to acceptance, she was obviously Japanese. I think that most people who were willing to learn this strange thing of healing with hands would be open to learning about non-duality and oneness. Like the example you gave about your Japanese car, I believe the people objected to the hood ornament proclaiming it was a Japanese car, they didn't consider what was under the hood, that it got better gas mileage and was more reliable then the American counterparts. The people willing to learn hands on
healing from her already got past her Japanese heritage and looked under the hood.

But what Takata did or did not do is neither here nor there. It doesn't matter, what matters is what we do today....... For today only! ............."

Thanks, Scotto-san.

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