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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The weekly waka

A grammatical notion

Let go of the nouns
in your life and verbs will move
in to take their place.
And that will make everything
so much more interesting.
(By Janet Dagley Dagley)


Anonymous Cory Morris said...

Silence is far superior to the spoken word for with out silence words would be garbled unintelligible utterances of an insane or animal mind, but add a few pauses and lengthy inhales and words, sentences and paragraphs are formed. Therefore silence gives birth to sound as nothing gives birth to something. One may conclude that within silence is the potential and sound is the manifestation of thought which unspoken is an idea or the potential of mind, thus sound is the realization of thought and the kinetic power of mind that uses idea's as vehicles to burst forth expression in which we coin as communication. None-the-less our in-efficient use of communication and the deliberate watering down of expression makes it one of the most primitive forms of social interaction.In conclusion a simple smile says more in one gesture than an encyclopedia on the subject and an embrace portrays love more definitively than a 4 letter word often misunderstood, over-quoted and lacking sincerity.

Posted by Cory Morris

3:36 AM  

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