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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reiki Roundup

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Reporters are usually skeptical or even cynical when they subject themselves to Reiki for the sake of their readers, but this guy seems almost hostile, partly because of his inclination to blame all natural healing practitioners for the faults of a few -- that is until he experiences Reiki for himself in a dramatic reversal

That article, and the next one, both repeat the all-too-common untruths that Reiki is from ancient Tibet (it's not ancient, and from Japan, not Tibet) and "rediscovered" (nope) by "Dr." Mikao Usui (he wasn't a doctor, contrary to what many Reiki practitioners were taught).

Clarksville, Tennessee: This writer not only gets a Reiki treatment, she seeks one out after injuring her hand. And it's clearly not her first Reiki experience. (Of course, once you've experienced it, you're not as likely to be skeptical.)

San Francisco, California: We know of lots of nurses who've added Reiki to their healing-arts repertoire -- this story on the growing demand for nurses (and nursing school positions) includes a comment from a Reiki practitioner on her way to becoming a nurse. 

Honolulu, Hawaii: A spirituality columnist writes about his Reiki journey, from turning down the chance to study with the person who brought Reiki from Japan to the rest of the world to an Internet "attunement" to studying with live teachers.

St. Petersburg, Florida: An animal Reiki specialist gets a nice writeup in the local newspaper, complete with a very nice photo of a dog getting a treatment.

Dublin, Ireland: The global economic downturn has begun to affect the demand for training in Reiki and other alternative healing modalities, reports The Irish Times.

Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom: Need a reason to clean out that closet? Take your old clothing to the March 7 charity frock swap and exchange it for a Reiki treatment or other indulgence all for the benefit of the Sue Ryder Care Nettlebed Hospice.


Anonymous Lynda Lippin said...

Great articles this week! I love the first one.

4:14 PM  

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