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Monday, April 26, 2010

Waka Challenge Day 18

Our goal is to post at least one waka a day from April 9 through May 9 in our second annual Waka Fest. Today's featured writer goes by the pen name of budo adana:


Consider the oak,
Standing naked and upright,
Bending in the wind,
Freezing in icy snow, yet
Never a word of complaint.


The salamander,
Easily living both in
Water and on earth,
Unafraid of injury,
Proof of regeneration.


Behold wild salmon,
Swimming freely through wide seas,
Coming home to spawn
In death, feeding all others,
An orgy of sacrifice.


Humble mockingbird,
Merrily singing for all,
Master of music,
His own, that of other birds,
And even that of silence

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