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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Waka Challenge Day 20: Two new voices

As you probably know by now, our goal is to post at least one waka a day from April 9 through May 9 in our second annual Waka Fest.Today we have another completion of the partial waka Jay gave us last week, as well as a new waka by another new voice:

Jay wrote:

Today I wake
with sunshine in my eyes

And Francine Hersh finished the waka this way:

Today I wake
with sunshine in my eyes
My dreams dissolved
Touching my feet to the ground
I breathe in the joy of an empty sky

Julia Amunwa wrote:

There's a space between
the stimulus and response
wherein lies my own
infinite Kingdom of Choice
May growth and harmony reign

We need even more waka to reach our goal. To contribute yours, add a comment to this post, or email editor @


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